glt & associates offer a variety of services to help businesses create more effective marketing and sales strategies, improve client retention, and develop content plans that improve visibility. Contact glt & associates today to discover how we can transform your efforts.

Strategic/Marketing Assessments

After evaluating strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and required skill sets, glt & associates will work with management and staff to uncover, identify and analyze existing and potential business opportunities. In addition to internal information gathering, glt & associates will interview  select customers and suppliers to gain additional insight to help the client company refine their strategy.

After sharing the incorporated input with Client’s management and staff, glt & associates will work with management’s appointed in-house teams in developing priority-specific goals, step-by-step action plans and agreed-to time tables, culminating into an ongoing, “working” document.

Quarterly update meetings and annual reassessment reviews are also available.

Task (Time) Management Workshops

On average, American office workers misuse 1-2 hours each day searching for misplaced documents, attending ineffective meetings,  surfing the web, and other productivity drains. As a result, small and midsize companies can easily pay in excess of $25,000 annually for work not performed. Misapplied time and effort in large firms can erode margins by as much as $250,000 yearly!

glt & associates Task Management Workshops help guide workers to:

  • Recognize the sources of daily actions
  • Identify and prioritize highest worthy goals for the day
  • Be aware of and mitigate routine distractions that prevent accomplishing most important tasks
  • Prepare and manage To-Do lists to produce highest value results
  • Reorganize workspace for easy access and coordination
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety caused by inefficiency and lack of focus
  • Improve individual/group productivity to optimize  work and personal obligations and responsibilities

Professional Writing

glt & associates specializes in freelance writing and publisher-assigned topics (trade print and e-zines). Recent published articles related to contemporary business practices, e.g., workplace productivity, client relationships, and family-owned business succession planning, have appeared or are scheduled to appear in NAED’s TED Magazine and NAILD’s Today’s Lighting Distributor and The Light Read.